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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy in Dogs


Sometimes it becomes difficult for owners of female dogs to tell whether their dogs are pregnant. If your dog is on heat, has not been spayed and spends time outside, there is always poi that she could be pregnant. Just like human beings, a professional medical diagnosis has to be done to be certain. However, some signs indicate that your dog has become pregnant. Because the gestation period of a dog is between sixty-three and sixty-five, the signs and symptoms of pregnancy will start to appear rather quickly.


Observing your dog's stomach will tell you whether your dog is pregnant or not. When a dog becomes pregnant, the stomach will enlarge. Sometimes it is even possible to feel the puppies inside her belly. The only way to do this is by gently pushing the stomach. This method usually works for the dogs that have an average weight. The stomach changes for the overweight dogs may not be noticeable. As the pregnancy grows older, you might be able to see the puppies moving around inside the dog's stomach. 


The eating habits of pregnant dogs usually change. Some dogs will increase their appetite. This is to ensure that the puppies growing inside their bellies are getting enough food. Some dogs' desire f will become weak due to nausea and the morning sicknesses that the pregnant dogs will experience. During the early stages of pregnancy, some dogs will quit their favorite food. It is the high time to call your vet if you notice that your dog is eating more or less than usual. Know more about dog in heat.


The dog's behavior and activity level usually change during pregnancy. If your dog suddenly becomes less active and sleepy more than usual, or more active than usual, it could be a sign of gestation. Increased territorial behavior could also be an indicator that your dog is pregnant. Variations in the size of the dog's breasts and vulva should also tell you that your dog is expectant.


If you want to tell whether your dog is pregnant, you should look out for these signs. However, the presence of these symptoms does not automatically mean that your dog is pregnant. If you notice them, you should consult your veterinarian to get an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. Ultrasounds are cheap and safe for the dog. They are the only way to be sure about the pregnancy status of your dog and how old the pregnancy is. Take good care of your dog if you find that it is pregnant by giving it the right supplements. Click here if you have questions.