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How A Dog Can Make Your Life Awesome


For every person who has had good experiences with dogs, there is no doubt that these are among the best creatures a man can have for companionship. It is great to wake up to a wagging tail and a smiley face. This boosts your mood and even spending 15-30 minutes every day with your pooch will make you feel good. When you play with a dog, scientific research has proven that the brain secretes more serotonin and dopamine which are the neurotransmitters responsible for tranquility and pleasure. Therefore, a dog might be all the therapy you need to get out of a foul mood.


A dog can help you keep in shape because you will have to play with it and take it for walks. This has a great benefit in lowering the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases as well as other chronic illnesses which are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, you can follow your exercise schedule strictly if you have an exercise companion. Finding another person who is dedicated to exercising as you might be difficult. However, you do not need people to exercise with if you have a dog.


Children can also be saved from eczema and allergies by growing up around dogs. Remember that they will be exposed to fur early in their life hence develop immunity. You will also have the dog when you are sick in bed. Nothing brings more comfort when you are feeling lowly like a pooch lying beside you. Human beings might not afford this due to busy schedules and errands to run but a dog would rather be with you than be elsewhere. To beat loneliness when you cannot help but lie in a sickbed, your dog is the best bet. Learn more today!


When dogs are trained properly, they can be excellent helpers. You can train your pooch to open, the door, go to the shop, bring medications as well as tons of other activities in the house. For people who are sickly, the dogs can be trained to call the emergency team in case the person suffers a stroke or any other accident which might render him unconscious. Also, dogs will protect children if they are trained to do so. You can trust that these creatures will keep your home in order while you are away if you start training them to such responsibility from a tender age. It is no doubt that these are the best creatures to keep in your house. Visit our website if you have questions.